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Activities in Baños

Baños de Agua Santa is the only town in Ecuador where you can enjoy a plethora of adventure sports such as white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning, rock climbing, bungee jumping, horseback riding, trekking, mountain biking, mountaineering, camping, paragliding and much, much more.


Ruta de las CascadasIn Baños you will find more than 60 waterfalls. The most populars are: Inés María , Pailón del Diablo, Manto de la Novia, Cabellera de la Virgen, San Jorge, San Pedro, Chamana, Machay, Agoyán, El Fantasma, El Placer, San Francisco, Cashaurco, El Corazón, etc.. The most of this falls you can discover alone without guide, only taking a regional bus, a taxi, a chiva-bus, a bike or hiking.


Grupo de Bad Kissingen

Baños offers class III and class IV rafting rides on the Patate or on the Pastaza river. With or without experience you are invited to this exhausting trips where you can observe also the volcano Tungurahua right in front of you.

More information you will find in the list of the agencies.


Kayaking con Aqua XtremeEcuador es considerado como uno de los mejores países que ofrecen condiciones favorables para la práctica de este deporte, es así que muchos turistas llegan a Baños exclusivamente para realizarlo en las aguas de los diferentes ríos de la zona. Este deporte consiste en descender los ríos en pequeñas embarcaciones individuales; los grados de dificultad son similares a los del rafting, pero lo pueden practicar solo personas con experiencia.

Esta actividad se la realiza en varios ríos dentro de esta zona: Río Patate clase 2-3, Río Pastaza clase 3 y 4, Río Topo y Río Verde Chico clase 5, 6 y 7.


Canyoning en la cascada Chamana

Canyoning or roping down the most exciting waterfalls is a new famous sport coming from Europe. Thanks to some Swiss guys and our topographic possibility it is now also available in Ecuador.

Favourite places for this sport are the waterfalls by Chamana, Río Blanco and Cashaurco.


Puenting Río Blanco

For all the adventurous people who like the adrenalin we are offering an extreme-sport called SWING JUMP. The two bridges of the river Rio Blanco is the perfect place to practice this fantastic sport.




Escalada en pared artificialIn Baños you will find several natural rocks to climb up, but as well you can find now an artificial wall with different levels in Baños. For more information about wall-climbing visit the page from Cordova Tours.


Competencia de Downhill en BañosBásicamente es descenso de una montaña en bicicleta ; en el cantón Baños hay varias pistas muy técnicas para la práctica de este deporte, que además han sido escenario de varias competencias a nivel Nacional e Internacional. La principal pista está ubicada en la montaña de Runtún y se inicia generalmente en el sector denominado Ventanas. Pero si usted gusta de esta actividad como un pasatiempo, también existen pistas menos técnicas para el efecto, para lo que debe informarse en algunas de las Operadoras que tienen esta especialidad.


Aguas Termales La Virgen

Baños de Agua Santa has been always famous for his thermal springs, which had been also used by the king of the Inkas Huayna Capac and his numerous wives in order to gain new energy through the mineral volcano springs. You can relax in several hot spring baths in and around Baños.


Paseos en bicicleta

The 5-hours mountain-bike tour from Baños to Puyo, one of the gates to the jungle, is a special highlight not only for nature and sports fans. The most famous part are the first 20 km of the road to Puyo, also known as the "route of the falls". Till Rio Verde you can marvel at the amazing waterfalls, which sometimes you have to pass under, sometimes they are nestled within the landscape of the Pastaza and sometimes are hidden in the ravine of the river. In order to see the most famous and giant waterfall "Pailón del Diablo" you have to walk a few minutes down. If someone thinks he remembers the scenery from a film, he is right. Parts of the Hollywood Thriller "Proof of Life" with Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe have been filmed at this waterfall.



Cabalgatas en Baños

Horseback riding is one of the most popular activities in Baños, as the mountainous Andean countryside is perfect for exploring on horseback. Ride through the slopes of a giant volcano and through small Andean farms. There are a wide variety of horseback riding trips accessible from Baños to surrounding areas exploring valleys, mountains and rivers.

Eco-zoo San Martín

Zoologico San Martin

The eco zoo San Martin is located in Banos and houses many species of animals found in the Amazonia Cloud Forest of Ecuador's central highlands. The mission of the Zoo is to educate, conserve and rehabilitate and, as such, it is an important presence in the central highlands.



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